New disk woes

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New disk woes

Postby stoz on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:22 am

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I've been given a 500GB drive, which had an OS on already. I'm going to wipe it then use it with GPT partitions in a UEFI Windows 7 system. After reading around apparently all you need to do is format the disk, delete the partitions, then when you install windows on the blank disk it automatically creates the partitions, in the right order, with the correct size.

Having done this installation works absolutely fine, but further down the line when installing drivers I get a blue screen on restart. This is perplexing and I'm fairly sure it's not the drivers causing the issue (we have an identical machine in work which uses the drivers fine). The only major difference I can see between the two machines is that the one which isn't working doesnt have a 2 GB OS volume, or an OEM partition, but I'm fairly sure the OEM partition isn't essential. But surely if Windows needed the OS volume it would have created it when it partitioned off the disk during install?!

If anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: On my the identical machine we were just in the BIOS for another reason, and I noticed that it hasn't been setup as a UEFI bootable disk, but in the old legacy boot style. So that's one thing I can try with this disk - wipe it, try installing Windows to it as a legacy boot disk, see how that goes.

EDIT2: I've sorted this. I wiped the disk, and at boot chose to 'legacy boot' (as opposed to 'UEFI boot') the DVD drive. This time when Windows installed onto the blank disk it's done so without any issue. So far... No idea why the UEFI option wasn't working though.

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