LinuxMint on oldish laptop

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LinuxMint on oldish laptop

Postby stoz on Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:52 pm

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I've got a dual core laptop, 2 gig RAM, running XP pro. It's in fairly good nick, and does all I need (internet, mp3, video, the odd game). I'm thinking of getting a new one, so will have a couple of options with the old one. Thinking of installing LinuxMint fresh install on it, as I've heard good things about it, and for email/internet etc I'm sure it'll be more than adequate, will provide decent performance, and won't suffer too badly from malware. For games (well, Red Alert 2, AOE III etc) I'm thinking of running an XP VM, on the Linux host. Is this a good idea, or should I just install XP on the bare metal and be done with it?

Disclaimer: I understand that for many 'hardcore' gamers the thought of playing games through an XP VM, on a Linux host, on a laptop, will send them into spasms, but you have to understand that I only play a bit every now and again (mainly on ps3). (I also haven't dared mention this in front of our resident hardcore nerd in work as he will most certainly geek snort with derision, and pooh pooh it from the outset. He doesn't understand that we don't all spend our lives in darkened rooms squinting at dual monitors as we play the latest space RPG, but anyway, I digress).

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