Hirens Boot CD 14 + Yummi boot loader

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Hirens Boot CD 14 + Yummi boot loader

Postby Cacker on Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:01 pm

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Whilst trying to recover a laptop that had a non-responding CD Drive and a Windows XP that couldn't find HAL.dll (should that be hal9000.dll?), I came across this geeky pair of awesomeness.

Yummi USB multiboot + Hirens Boot CD v14

If you download yummi, you can put a flash drive into your system and with the yummi gui, decide what you want to boot. You can add ISOs (space permitting) or it has quite a lengthy list of items which will result in direct downloads.

The next awesome thing was Hirens Boot CD v14. It has a mini-xp mode, around 450 MB ISO. You can incorporate this onto your flash disk with yummi.

So you then boot via USB, and into hiren's mini-xp mode which has a ton of tools (as usual), plus you're booted into Windows XP and can see the pc/laptop's drives etc.

You can also then put then flash drive back in your system, and just add ISOs, remove old ones etc.

[boring]I fixed the laptop by attaching a USB CD drive (which BIOS wouldn't boot off) and found a hirens bootcd menu item entitled 'Setup Windows'. So I point it to the the USB DVD drive with windows disk and copies it all to the disk, reboots and carries on with normal install. Have at yea !! you bastard laptop that sucked 6 hours of my time.[/boring]



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