Relocate users in Win7 is now as easy as piece of piss cake

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Relocate users in Win7 is now as easy as piece of piss cake

Postby Cacker on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:27 pm

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Well relocating User profiles from C: to another drive is now sooo easy.

Well i've just installed Win7 RC1 on a home server and went about the usual rig .. rigma .. rigmoro ... pain in the arse initial crap moving windows profiles off C: to D:/

However. Now in Win7 you can do it in about 60 seconds without touching registry, but using symbolic links.

The instructions are so short i've pasted them in below, but here's the original article rin7 rerocate rink

Bydefault,windows 7/vista put all system data and user data on the same partition,normally it’s drive C.Under this condition we must backup our user data every time we re-install our windows 7/vista.From windows vista ,Microsoft supply us a tool mklink which can create a symbolic link under windows 7 or vista just as the command ln under unix/linux.Below is an example about how to put user data on non-system using mklink in windows 7.
1.Enable administrator account and set a password for it.You can refer How to enable or disable administrator account in windows 7

2.Logoff and login with administrator account

3.Relocate your user data to other non-system partion,for example from C:\users\J to D:\users\J

4.Use mklink to create a symbolic link from C:\users\J to D:\users\J

mklink /D C:\Users\J D:\users\J5.Re-login use your own account,you will find nothing changed,but in fact your physical user data is on drive D.

6.Done.The next time you re-install your OS ,just use the same user name, remove C:\users\J then run the command of step 3 again then your user data is back.

For #3, this means cut J from C:\Users and paste it into D:\Users

The symbolic link then creates a virtual C:\Users\J, where the system will write all data, but the symbolic link means the data is actually written to D:\Users\J



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