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Re: Component reference 08/04/09

Postby larchy on Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:13 pm

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Nvidia have been in the crap for the past year; it's only now they're heading for such a massive trainwreck even the fanboys can't deny it.

GT210 and GT220 (the 57mm² and 100mm² 40nm dies) had horrible yield issues and were OEM only while Ati was fabbing 137mm² RV740s by the bucketload - but nVidia has always been utter shit at node jumps ever since NV30 blew up in their faces.

Ati doubled up on vias because they have excellent fab engineers that identified quality issues with the interconnects on TSMC's process - this was costly (hence why nVidia wouldn't bother with it, they always cut corners with packaging and fabbing, hence the G80 derivative bump failures) but also necessary. At the time nVidia was ignoring the issue and digging Ati about it, and yet come Q3 last year all the issues you'd expect as a result of via issues started to grumble out of the initial Fermi spin... and respins have been just as shit.

Anyway all that doesn't matter because moron fuck-brains Joe Bloggs just buys whatever shit has loads of numbers on


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