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Photo printing

Postby Cannon_Fodda on Sat May 15, 2010 12:31 pm

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I am assuming some of you like having actual prints in your hands rather than just everything digital?

I use a Canon CP-200 which is an older version of the modern Selphy printers, however it's the same cartridge system and uses the same media. Same resolution and specs (apart from speed) too.

This gives me postcard sized prints as good as anything I would get from Jessops, Snapfish, or anything like that. I don't get the choice of printing large images though, for this I use Snapfish on very rare instances.

The other week however I bought a Polaroid Pogo (£20 on Amazon and about £10 for 70 prints) printer on impulse, and at first I thought it was shit, even took it back twice and replaced it as the quality was so poor. Then I read about it online and things others had done, and sat there for about 30 minutes feeding the blank card through over and over, now it prints well.

Pogo prints are fucking great for collages, they are 2x3" stickers and if you mix and match some landscape with portrait, and bung a load on some framed card you can get some really nice looking pictures. As they are small pictures, people like looking at them as it's something interesting.

I made a nice one with 2 postcard prints from the CP-200 and then surrounded them with smaller pictures from the Pogo as a present for someone, and they have it on the living room wall now. Apparently lots of people have asked where they can get something like that.

I'll try to take a pic of the framed masterpiece if I make another.

I've pretty much given up on using inkjets with photo paper as the cost vs quality is a bit shit unless you want A4 prints. Even then the quality isn't as good as Snapfish.
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