KSOP - Revising the points system (maybe)?

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KSOP - Revising the points system (maybe)?

Postby Mike TV on Wed May 11, 2005 2:40 pm

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Having looked at the points system and the standings after the first game, I think there should be some revision into the system we use, before the league advances any further.

Pi3, Rup, Dan and myself all have a clear advantage now over anyone who enters next week and subsequently (assuming that we continue to enter every game). If those points had been obtained in a 10 man game, they would have been gained fairly.

But, I think it seems a bit much to reward 10 points to the winner of a 4 person game, and 9 points to 2nd place (which is me) and last place gets 7 points. Each get the 1 point for turning up too. I suppose you could simply say "tough, you weren't there"... but, I dunno, just seems not right.

I think a fairer system would be to put 1 point in the "points pot" for every person in attendance. 10 people in attendance would reward 10 points to the winner. 4 people, would reward 4 points to the winner. Everyone would get at least 1 point (last place always rewarding 1 point).

This would make it a bit easier to code too (although ive already written the code for the current system anyway)

Postby Rupert on Wed May 11, 2005 3:35 pm

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