My First Casino Poker Experience - Thoughts Please

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My First Casino Poker Experience - Thoughts Please

Postby mYth on Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:29 am

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Tonight I visited Leo Casino on the docks in Liverpool. I entered a £10+1 buy in poker tournament with 100 participants. I've played poker online a fair bit and in real life too but never for real cash and always between mates. While I have visited the casino before I have never played poker there, or in any casino as a matter of fact so this was a learning experience for me.

We all started with 1000 chips and towards the beginning I was a bit worried due to the amount of rebuys people were putting in. Wads and wads of cash were being flashed and I think a few people on my table put in 6 or 7 times. A lowly student with £20 in my pocket my limit was the entry plus 1 rebuy.

I played a real tight came only calling or raising on strong cards. Within my first few hands I felt the need to all in and came off very wealthily which gave me confidence in my play and I really started to enjoy things. I rebought once throughout the tournament and through continuing tight playing and through playing good hands at the right time when I needed them most I managed to get to the second to last table finishing about 14th in the end - just four places outside the payout structure which was pretty painful but nevermind. Not a bad first attempt considering the level of playing that was going on - it was clear that the majority of guys knew each other well and played week in week out.

How is it best to play at the casino? I didn't see anybody all night playing as tight as me. Obviously those with more backbone went further but I just didnt know how best to play it. Tight play seems to work for me online but maybe its not the way in the casino? Give me some real poker playing advice please people. Next time I want to be in the money!

Postby Goksly on Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:46 am

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Ive only played a few times at a casino and it is really frustrating as I couldnt seem to find a non rebuy. As you said, a lot of people seem to have very deep pockets, so if you cant afford to play a similar style (loose and aggressive), I'd carry on what you are doing - tight aggressive.
When I played im not sure I saw anyone bet on the flop and not end up going all in if more cards were shown, so just be very prepared for that to happen should you bet on the flop. As bronson says - your chips are your children, dont put them in alone :P

Postby Loradan on Tue Feb 28, 2006 3:28 pm

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You will seldom get a no-rebuy tournament in the casino's unless it is a formal tournament.

Personally I find casino play easier than online as I dont get hit with the boredom factor that comes along when I'm staring at the PC screen.

Firstly I would always play according to your strengths, if your naturally a tight player then stick with it. There will be times when it becomes apparent to switch your play. A lot of proffesionals suggest playing the opposite of the table, so if its tight you play loose and vice versa.

In any heads up play opportunity, if you know your the favourite I would always put the man to a decision for his chips for two reasons. He may well call in which case you have a even money return on your better than even chance cards... secondly unlike the internet he's hoping to be there for the evening and might not want to go out in hurry and have to watch.

A lot of people will in that 100 person tournament have similar finances to yourself. You need to be bold, if you lose, you lose, but quite often you can make a good bet and lose and you shouldn't regret that.

I used to play at the Grovesnor in Ramsgate a lot, they have a Friday and saturday tournament that draws about 80 players a night. I often got to the last 10 table but often found it difficult to then eliminate other players as my tight play got me so far but not all the way.

I do believe that the ultimate strategy for tournament play is to put your opponent to a decision for all of his chips whilst the cards are in your favour. My best ever finish was second when I was a clear chip leader and I all in'd twice in a row with AA and then KK. My opponent called with J,10s and 66's and won both times. But I still hold my bet was right and don't regret it.
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