After some advice.....

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After some advice.....

Postby Loradan on Mon Jan 09, 2006 12:52 pm

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I've touched on this subject before in another thread within the poker forum but I still need some solution to it.

Real vrs Internet.

I play in poker tournaments when I go back home down the casino, and always perform really well. In the last 3 times I've finished in the top six of about 80 - 100 players. I find I am able to control my betting very well and I genuinely belive I have some ability at reading my opponents. I am always reading the percentages right, I have good chip control.

Why then do I suffer from all of the rashness that I despise when playing on the internet. I seem to do well for a good while and then let it slide with a silly bet or two. I'm not sure if its because of the boredom kicking in or what....

Any suggestions? Don't say don't play on the internet!

I need something that will keep me focused on the game the same way as I do in real life.

This comes of the back that I spent 4 hours getting down to the last 60 in a 3000 player tournament over the weekend and then as play slowed down made some very poor bets because I was beginning to feel bored.
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Postby Mac-10 on Mon Jan 09, 2006 1:15 pm

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Doesn't sound much like boredom sounds more like tiredness kicking in, when you are on a pc you become tired far quicker than in a real life situation due to many things.

Boredom can play a part but as I said tiredness is a strange beast the first effects are lack of judgement and not fully concentrating, things I would suggest, open a window to get a blast of fresh air, since you are at your pc pop to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water to bring you around, don't stare at the screen all the time since you don't have to read the players faces, have a little break when you can, cup of tea or redbull that sort of thing.

How to know when to do these things well I have a tennis ball and every now again I will pick it up and pass it from hand to hand, to test the hand eye co ordination nothing fantastic, if I drop it or nearly do then its an indicator for me that I am becoming tired, you might want too adopt something similar.

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