Bad beat rant - You have been warned

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Bad beat rant - You have been warned

Postby Ali on Sat Jul 30, 2005 1:38 am

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Was on the wrong side of a rather nasty beat and just needed to vent some frustration. Also please feel free to critque how I played the hand.

$6 SnG

Were down to the last 4 from 10. I was 3rd placed in chips about ~400 or some from chip leader.

Dealth the fish hooks (JJ)

On left of big blind so I act first, raise it to 500.

Person to the left of me goes all in for 1200.

Small blind folds, big blind calls. I then call as well.

Flop comes - 10d 5s 3c

As first to act with no over cards, I move all in for the remainder of my chips in the hope that the big blind hasn't hit anything. This is for roughly another 500 chips. Big blind calls with no hesistation.

Cards turned over

Big Blind Holds - AK suited of hearts Other player - Pocket 6s

I'm feeling quite confident turn comes - 2s

Followed on the river by - 4h

Both players make straights, so the pocket 6s takes the main pot with the big blind picking up the side pot and i'm dumped out of the money.

I probaly shouldn't of called the initial re raise but this hand would of made me convincing chip leader and removal of at least 1 player. I still can't believe the big blind called my all in with nothing on flop, and no chance of making the flush!

Rant over, apologies for it being so long. This beat just topped the day off with the amount of trash that has out drawn me today.

Postby Rupert on Sat Jul 30, 2005 2:25 am

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Chip stacks? Blinds? Sounds like you've just got unlucky by some moron who couldn't fold AK... no big deal really can't see that you did anything wrong. His play would be justified if he had a huge stack, or the blinds were huge. He had 6 outs going to the turn, and 2 possible runner straights which count for about half an out

Postby Ali on Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:40 am

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Blinds were 100/200 so my pre flop raise was 2.5x big blind.

Me going all in after the flop for 500, means that if the big blind calls he would be in it for nearly all his chips calling left him with 100.

Postby Docca on Thu Aug 25, 2005 10:17 pm

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Yep, bad beat- perhaps the only way to play the hand any different would have been;

You were low stacking, and you were under the gun. Sure, hooks are good-but considering that you had the chip leader (and others) yet to represent, if they had anything even half decent it would have been worth a pop. I know i could not have laid down the slick-but them's the breaks.

It's a coin toss with PP vs A|K (something like 52% vs 48%) before the flop, so it's cruel. That the fuck actually made the wheel is just the icing on the cake.

It was rough, nothing you really did wrong-don't let it put you off :)
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