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Mods oot fer tha lads

Postby Tonster on Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:18 pm

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I've recently been sorting out all my add-ons and trying some new stuff. I'm now really happy with all the stuff I have and thought I'd share the wealth, I invite you to do the same :)

Allows the tooltip to be placed anywhere and adds extra (configurable) info to it.

AH favourites
Adds a well placed drop down menu to the AH next to the search box where you can save your most frequent searches. Just click on one to search for it. Saves repetitive typing of 'medium leather' and so on.

Cancels Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack if you get struck preventing further dizzying.

Adds a menu like the pet bar only this is for Hunter Aspects. Basically it saves a few icon slots.

In-game instance maps. I have it but in all honesty never use it.

As close to cheating as I'll ever get. It remembers AH prices amongst many other things.

Auto Bag
Set items to automatically be stored in a specific bag. E.G. Conjured items in bag 1, ore in bag 2 etc.

Auto Decline
Toggle options to autodecline guild invites, duel requests, charter requests and group invites. I have it to auto decline duel requests (carebear ftw!).

Available Only
Only displays trainer items that you can buy by default.

Adds a small number over each bag slot telling you how many slots are used or free.

Great for Hunters who have more icons than slots available. This adds an icon to your minimap where you can select your tracking type. It flashes when you have none selected (e.g. after death) to remind you to set a tracking option. It includes gatherer tracking options too.

Highly configurable buff and debuff management, great for any class that can buff or remove buffs. It will tell you when a persons buff is running out, when someone has a curable debuff, and works in raids. I've actually just stopped using this in favour of Decursive and WCRebuff, but it is a good add-on if a little tedious to configure.

Removes or reduces [Guild] [Looking for group] etc in chat to reduce clutter. Can also be used to colorise people's names in chat if you wish.

On the minimap it adds coordinates text next to the name of the place where you are. Very subtle. It also adds your coords and your cursor coords to the main map.

Easily send up to 21 items/stacks to the same person. Integrates seamlessly with the standard mail frame.

The de facto standard for raids. It's good, very good.

Who's doing all the work? Damage meters tells you the approximate damage and healing output and intake of each player in your group or raid. TBH this mod can be evil as it encourages bad aggro management.

On mouse over gives a comparison of weapons, armour and trinkets comparing the one you're looking at with the one's you're already using. Saves a lot of time pulling up the character screen when something drops allowing to make a Need or Greed decision much much quicker.

Error Redirect
Directs common error messages to the combat log. No more 'not enough energy' spam across your screen.

Dismounts you when you talk to a flight master, or activate a combat action.

Shows all flightpoints on your main map and whether you've added them yet or not (the ones you've not got yet are greyed but selectable). Mouse over any flightpoint and it draws lines to all destinations it goes to, it tells you how long each flight is and how much it costs. In flight it gives you a timer showing how long until you land, so you know how long you've got to go to the toilet or make the tea :)

Forum Name ... c=2860&hl=
Omni's Forum name, I'm sure you all know it. However if you guild is disinclined to use it as mine is then try Identity below.

Remembers where you mined, harvested etc. A must for all gathering professions.

Inspect people from any visible range.

Gryphons Remover
Removes the gryphons graphics from the main interface, reducing clutter.

My guild uses this to organise guild events (they don't use forums).

Allows for one click pet feeding.

This allows you to set a 'main' name and it adds it into guild chat or wherever else you want. For example my main is Martian and an alt is Munkeh. Using Munkeh I could make my guild chat look like;
Munkeh: (Martian): Blah Blah Blah
It really helps know what alts people are using.

Mass auction
Adds a new tab to the AH allow you to bulk sell multiple stacks easily.

For rogues, this gives a small moveable pane which shows combo points, energy, your health and your target's health.

MQ is the best on-screen quest log there is. Since a recent patch MB is needed to get the right font size.

Does exactly what it sounds like, allows you to reposition any window in the game and store that position.

Turns the day/night indicator into a digital time.

Open Bags
Opens all bags at a vendor/bank etc. Is intelligent enough to know when to open ammo bags or not too.

Recipe Book
When viewing recipes either in your bag or on the AH it will tell you which of your chars already has learned it.

Seen a decent item linked in general chat? Shift click it to relink it into whatever chat channel you want.

Cast beneficial spells on yourself automatically if you have an enemy or nothing targetted.

Makes fishing a breeze.

Absolutely my favourite add-on currently. It simply watches what buffs you cast (Arcane Intellect, Blessing of Wisom etc) and on who and it tracks it. When the buff runs out it will warn you and you can either bind a key or click in the moveable window to recast the buff. This is soooooooo handy for Paladins, especially in raids. It remembers if you changed what buff was placed (e.g if a priest wants BoS and not BoW) and can give an audible warning about a buff expiring if you want. Combine this with Decursive for the ultimate in Buff/Debuff management.

Postby Mac-10 on Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:43 pm

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So do you actually play the game then or leave the mods do the work :wink:

They look bloody good actually, I use CT_Mod which is pretty good for me, if you added those mods would it slow your pc down greatly?

Apart from the buffs one the real one that stands out is the fishing one since its so bloody boring and tedious, anything to make that easier is a plus.

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