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Hi to all

Postby plaguey on Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:57 pm

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Hi all,

I've been playing MMORPG's for a while now and usually I played with the Amazon Basin for Guild Wars and Diablo 2, also I've played Star Wars Galaxies and DAOC.

SO now I find myself guildless and clueless in a new world of WoW, and someone on the Amazon Basin website said this was a good place to be for EU server members.

So i've created a new character imaginatively named plaguey (my name on most games) and i'm looking for some new people to play with, hopefully with the same comaradery (spelling) as the Ab teams.

Hopefully i'll contribute to the group and enjoy the people to.


Postby Twisted on Mon Jan 02, 2006 9:06 pm

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lo there,
Basicaly there are two guilds that use this forum sort of (its all a little complicated)

We all started out as <Brains> then sort of split into <Brians> and <Invidus>. Brains then merged into Veterans and Invidus Merged with another guild called Braineating mongos into what is now Apathia

See Bellow :)

DrKazza wrote:Al-Akir pvp server
Veterans... this is where a lot of the basiners (not all) went, a HUGE guild but desperately non-transparent at the moment when it comes to lewt and who can go on raids. I think they're a little bit of a victim of their own size in that respect. Some really great guys in this guild, and many names you'll recognise.

Apathia... this used to be invidus and before that was brains... a smaller guild and a little more focussed on gaming... regular MC farming, bwl and zg raids. There's less tolerance here, and some basiners found it some members unwelcoming/rude/etc. (lets not open that can again!). I don't however, I've just joined them from Vets and am very happy. A few basiners you may recognise in here

http://www.tghc.co.uk - Apathia
The vets link is at the top of the forum I think :)
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Postby plaguey on Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:47 am

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It does sound like the Apathia is more for me then, i don't a million members to learn the names of, and i'd prefer to game with regular people who enjoy the game.

Therefore i've tried to en-roll in this guild, although tbh any guild right now would be nice.


Postby feign on Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:18 pm

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plaguey, apologies for the slow reply, I've spent must of the last 5 days in bed, so have the forum presence of a waif...

As Twist said, the group that was brains is no more. <snip>what happened happened, I lost the chance to play with some friends, but these things happen.<snip>

Kazza's summary was written straight after he swapped from Veterans to Apathia, so it's not necessarily that objective, but the truth is , there are great people in both guilds. But it's fair to say if you read gort's comments here or on the us wow boards, or others from hasta/etc, that europe is very much more a "make of it what you can" thing.

If you still have room, pop me on your character's friends lists as it'd be good to play with another basiner :) - ergo/scindo/moolin are the 3 most played, but only when my head is a little less fogged!

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