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For fellow skinflints everywhere...

Postby Tonster on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:17 pm

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Cheap Arse Gamer - a stream of all the bestest game deals out there on all major platforms, e.g. Rage for £14 or Saints Row 3 for £22.85 (PC). Make yourself a wish list, filter by platform etc etc, they even change the site name from Cheap Ass Gamer to Cheap Arse Gamer for us Brits, now that's commitment!

Secondly for all your iOS needs is AppShopper. They've got an app to go with it, and if you set up an account it can track all your bought games, and you can set up a wish list which emails you when there's been a price drop, as this info is held on the site it's synchs across all access points instantly (I have it on PC, iPod Touch and iPad). Couple it with regular trips to Touch Arcade to know what's worth adding to your wish list.

*It should be noted I recently came up with the idea to have a website which had all the latest greatest game, app and software deals in one place as I'd never seen anything like that, then I found the above and was thoroughly hacked off. Biatches :P

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