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Postby -SnAkE- on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:03 pm

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But, if you have seen it, there alies in it yet a whole other interpretation to the story... I have to warn you: if you read on, your idea about this movie being a happy childrens movie will change dreadfully.

Maybe old news, i watched it last night first time in a long time and then stumbled across the below link, I had to watch the movie again today and jeese it's really really sad but pretty interesting (if you have nothing better to do). ... -no-totoro

The story is far from a happy one. According to him, and apparently a popular urban legend in itself, Totoro and his magical friends are in fact Shinigami, that is to say the gods of death, the grim reaper. Pretty cute for a grim reaper, huh?
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